Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Film is Live!

I am finally able to talk/post about the film that I did so much artwork for over the summer. It has been an exciting project, and I'm really thankful that I got to work with such a great Director, David Teague. The documentary is called 'Intifada NYC', and it's being submitted to several film festivals. All fingers crossed for great response :)


Sherry said...

How exciting! I hope the film comes to the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison so I can see it.

annie said...

Congrats, Ester. That's a beautiful picture on the link. How I wish I could see it, but not a chance out in these boonies. I hope that they will give you a video clip to show us a few more pictures? Or what about stills for a slide show?

trish said...

That is so exciting!! I want to see it:)

William F. Renzulli said...

How many times can I say...your art is incredible? I am out of superlatives.

Ester Wilson said...

Thanks so much for all the encouraging comments!

Slide show idea is definitely a good one. I hope to get a clip too. I'm anxious to see it too :)

Thanks much, William - I do appreciate it when you come visit my blog and leave your nice words.