Wednesday, August 22, 2007

fears x 2


r_sail said...

Gotta agree on the hand damage. It's why I stopped being a cook.

steve said...

And some very valid fears at that! The dentist one kind of cracks me up too, since I'll be going quite a lot in the near future. More fine work once again here. I should give this a shot sometime. Also, Jimmy's pics look great--haven't seen much work from him lately though. Looks like you two traded places for once, though instead of a pencil, a camera was used. These can possibly be taken a step further and made into drawings or paintings even. Anyhow, great stuff as always from the both of you!!

Ester said...

i don't like to cut vegetables either, too risky when i'm not all that coordinated.

thanks steve, glad you like the pics too. jimi's been a photographer forever and just got a new camera, so it's been lots of fun. i've been thinking exactly the same, that some of those photos would be great reference material for drawing and painting.