Sunday, July 01, 2007

stone face finished

oil on canvas paper - 9" x 12"
I had toned up this piece with yellow acrylic about a week before ever venturing into this painting, and it turned out to help the marble feel very well. All I did was lay down white for the form, and added two tones of brown for shadows, but the yellow comes through the white and warms the whole piece up a lot. Using some of the new damar varnish was a learning experience, and mine is not super thin, so it makes the paint a little sticky and dries so fast that I can work in glazes the next day. This piece was all a learning experience.


steve said...

It's refreshing to see work of this caliber Ester. Thanks for the rundown too--I was able to visualize the process much better. Oh, and congrats on the new babies!!

Ester said...

glad that made some sense Steve :)

It's so much fun having little babies in the house! They are totally adorable.

r_sail said...

The renbering/modeling (sp) on this piece is fantastic. Great work.