Monday, June 11, 2007

watercolor smile


r_sail said...

The contrast on the face is just fantastic!

BGOZ said...

I love it.

Haven't been able to comment in a while, and have been really enjoying looking over what I missed. I especially like the shapes in the hair. Sort of like she is thinking about something, clouds of conciousness if you will.

Great lighting, it made me smile.


steve said...

I really like the way the hair has such a presence in this one Ester, and how you let the watercolors sort of meander.

somethingCREATIVE said...

I love the way you frame most of your use your space very well and engage the entire page! whether it be postive or negative all seems to be considered and all works well with the piece! again, i love your work!

Ester said...

You guys are sweet, thanks for the thoughts.

bgoz - long time no see :) I love how unique your perspective always is, it's always fresh.

steve - thanks much! I've been trying really hard to loosen up with the way I paint, so I'm glad you saw this as meandering :)

somethingcreative - thanks so much for stopping by! It's encouraging to hear when people like what you're up to. I appreciate your thoughts!

jscott said...

This is great. That hair is amazing, specially with those blooms in there.