Wednesday, May 09, 2007

greek horse

working on a piece with some carousel horses in it, so I figured that painting some horse statues would help me get the feel for a horse in stone.


r_sail said...

This is really good... it captures that statue aspect very well.

And yeah, it's Volta I was listening to... but I don't know about it yet. Got a few good moments and the rest of it leaves me a bit flat so far. Though, I like it more than Medulla, but not as much as Vespertine.

BGOZ said...

Staring into the eyes of the gorgon, the horse whinnied and was petrified.

The rider, eyes closed, tugged on the reins with panic as the hissing grew louder.


Ester said...

that is so perfect Kevin! Love your imagination!

BGOZ said...

Your art is a great source of inspiration. Thanks.