Monday, April 23, 2007

vintage baby

made an 18"x20" collage/painting today for "vintage baby". With close up on 4 squares:


r_sail said...

Very nice! Is this something they're going to be selling?

Ester said...

thanks Sail! Yeah, I can sell it, if someone wants to buy it within this week, otherwise, it's going to a friend next monday (april 30) who's having a baby soon. I'm glad you like it! I was trying to stay neutral with "color schemes" for babies - I don't care to put a kid in a "pink" or "blue" box before they're even born, so figured "vintage baby" would be right for any gender.

r_sail said...

Oh, I googled 'vintage baby' and there is a site/store called that... I figured you did this for them. I'm a bit confused now.

Also, the color me results are up. I had to do everything through photobucket as blogger is still giving me problems

Ester said...

oh, that's cool. I never knew about a vintage baby store. I'll have to check that out too. I was just thinking style and color schemes made up the whole "vintage - esque" feel.

Very cool pics you posted. Everyone made such great pieces from your drawing!

r_sail said...

Well, yeah, I mean it fits. I guess it was the 'painting today for "vintage baby"' tha made me think that.

And yeah, some great results. I love doing the color me stuff.

BGOZ said...

Cool. I love collage, although I never do any, huh? weird.

This is great.