Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Missy!


r_sail said...

Ester bunnies... he he he. I remember them but it's still funny. And no, I didn't dress up, though, the thought of a 7 foot tall bunny running down the street does make me laugh!

Cool drawing too. But hey, what happened to your side bar links?

Ester said...

it's a mess. I'm working on it as we speak ;)

BGOZ said...

I like this. Great lighting, like you are near water or in a dark hall opening to the outdoors.

I extend Happy Birthday wishes as well.


Ester said...

Thanks bgoz! Very sweet of you. I'm not too pleased with this charcoal drawing, but I do like the darkness of it too.

It was my sister's birthday, so I'm sure she would appreciate your wishes :)

Thami Mhlanga said...

Ester thanks for stopping-by my blog,I like the pic, you and my girl would get on like a house on fire she is into interior decorating and designing