Saturday, March 17, 2007

figure session collection

quick studies, collected over two drawing sittings. All but the last are 3 minutes each.


steve said...

Great work Ester. I hope you're paying him (ha ha). Anyhow, looks like you're really delving into some serious painting here too. The color squares were actually very visually pleasing to me. How'd you get them so neat? Anyhow, enjoy your weekend!

Ester said...

lol ;)
I like those squares too, they brighten the room. I just laid down blue painters tape on a piece of bristol paper, painted each square, and then got to the fun part of pulling the tape off. It's also fun to do that with frisket and watercolor, like pulling dried glue from your finger. I'm sure your first graders know all about how fun that is :)

r_sail said...

I love taping off sections, and then tearing it away after painting.

Nice sketches too.

ian russell said...

amazing, ester. i admire the way you capture the form with so few strokes.

btw i forgot to tell you about my go at #70 from your list of prompts - 67%
you did say you wanted to know, lol. ;o)

Ester said...

thanks Ian! I think I need to paint more figures, though. It looks kind of simple, but I think it was harder to get this painting right than I anticipated. I'd love to have few strokes the way Sargent did!