Monday, February 05, 2007

light and dark

As a self portrait, I'd definitely have to go with the black one. Guess I'm more dark than light. I've been thinking so much lately, and battling things out in my mind, wondering if I'm gaining ground at lightning speed, or just throwing around crazy, useless ideas that bounce around the inside of my head. It seems like there is always a period of "catch", just after I sit down to create, when I fight with myself about what I WANT to do, vs what I SHOULD do, and I lose everytime. Which means, I waste a ton of energy and time, stalling myself, before I can really let it all go and enter "art mode", doing whatever I first wanted to do anyway. It's as if I have to fight a logic battle, and ego finally goes sulking away to some dark corner and growls, while the nameless, image/mood, wordless creature gets to play. That's the dark creature, it's not right or wrong, and nothing that can be described by logic.


r_sail said...

I like the bottom one.

I'm glad you enjoyed that link, Danijel is amazing. Check out his work on Desolation Jones... it's mind numbingly good. It's also interesting to see his work colored.

BGOZ said...

Is it because things that seem easy or fun cannot be completely trusted? I like the dark portrait. The light one seems to be more forcefull, in that it seems to contain or constrain the freedom of the bird. Based on it's beliefs and not out of any anger or dis-satisfaction with the bird. More like it's trying to help it achieve. But a bird can move itself, and therefore it resists.


Ester said...

wow, that's a really cool look at these portraits, bgoz! I also see that white image as a forceful one. It felt a little "tight" to draw, if that makes sense. I guess it was the way I was feeling about things, light and dark, opposites.

neilornstein said...

wonderful work