Monday, November 20, 2006


steve said...

Very cool. I like how you aren't afraid to simply place random (?) on a single sheet of paper and somehow make it work, even if you might not have intended this.

JLB said...

I love the power lines... they seem like such a simple construction, but there is much more to them than just poles and wires (both visually and conceptually).

Anonymous said...

Hello again,

Ah I love to pop in after not having visited for a while - you have the greatest range of stuff!

Hope you're well,



BGOZ said...

I agree with jlb, I love powerlines. Same reason I like ships with lots of rigging. There is an implied sense of purpose and direction. You can see that something is being done, even though it's not moving.

The bottom page has a sort of mystical (if that's not to cheesy) quality. The rays coming off the head, the lines dividing the face into geometeric forms.

Great Stuff.