Monday, October 09, 2006

painting ideas and fun

was having fun today playing around with painting ideas. Got some things gessoed and ready with underpaint. More fun to come tomorrow I do hope. The face here is another lefty sketch. I like the way they look more rough/naive/sketchy...don't know how to call it, but when I draw with my other hand I like what happens. I'll have to keep at it, maybe soon call myself ambidexterous? We'll see.


jose benito said...

hello Mr. Orange.You look fantastic today!!!

BGOZ said...

Does the hand relate to the type of subject also? Right-handed = Left-brained, Left-handed = Right-brained? Something to think about I guess.

You do a great job left-handed, I suppose I would call you ambidexterous.


Ester said...

thanks jose! :)

you know, I never even considered the fact that drawing half a head would relate to a right brain cool! But I don't think I would call myself ambidexterous. I think I would only have that label if I felt completely comfortable using the other hand. Right now it's all goofy and squiggly and won't behave ;p