Wednesday, October 04, 2006

out sick

I've been out sick for these past few days, accomplishing nothing and moping about. I guess it's that time of year when all the bugs come out to play. Maybe tomorrow will be better


BGOZ said...

These are great.

I love the octopus, especially with the background. And the dazzling iguana. What's up with the pistol-packing chef?

Also, I like the plants. The hand makes me think of a protection over the vegetation.

Hope you are feeling better.


steve said...

I hear you Ester. I got very I'll with the Flu a couple of weekends ago and feel like I'm finally 100 percent. This is a great time of year but not for health. Anyhow, still looks like you got a ton done here. These are absolutely incredible as usual. Get well soon!

Ellen said...

Your work fascinates me! Love your line detail and obscure content!!

Ester said...

thanks very much all :)

that gun totin' chef is sketch work for a book cover about a murderer for hire who is a chef on the side. Kinda strange, but it could probably turn into some fun imagery. I thought about making gun shaped cupcakes :)

Anonymous said...

I have a personal love of octopii, so those images always sing to me, but I really like the middle one, and the way that the hand seems to project light on the plants.

Feel better soon. It's always a pleasure to pop in and enjoy your work.