Friday, September 08, 2006

ink water

I got a box yesterday in the mail, and screenprinted on the outside read, "do something creative every day". I thought it was appropriate, and belonged up on my studio wall.

As a side note, I'm excited to brag about my good friend Ami who's first children's book made a print run and will soon be on the bookshelves! Way to go Ami - you totally rock!!


steve said...

Congrats to Amy! Hey, the color and angle here is too cool. It reminds me of a recent idea of wanting o go to petsmart and take close up shots of fish in their tanks, from all sorts of weird angles. Very well done.

BGOZ said...

Do something creative today. Then put in in the box and share it. The box representing your blog, and now we can all see a new piece worth hanging on our walls.

Looks pa-cool.


Ester said...

thanks very much guys :)

Ami Blackford said...

Thanks Ester!

Beautiful new work on the Blog.
Anyone interested in my book check it out at
its called Quest for the Dragon Stone.

~Ami B.