Saturday, August 26, 2006

ipods everywhere

If I were him, I'd be listening to Amon Tobin


Hashi said...

Way cool! I love his starry hair. Was this done in Illustrator?

Jack Snipe said...

Heya ester,

I love these digital numbers! How do yeh go about making em?



Ester said...

Thanks guys! Most all of my digital work is done in Adobe Illustrator, using the pen tool to create large shadow shapes that layer upon each other until the entire face/image is done.

I'm trying to figure out ways to make these vector images look more unique to my style. It's difficult because a lot of vector art looks the same, because all the tools produce the same results across the board for all users. I thought that maybe stars and accent linework could help me make it more unique. I miss the happy accidents of traditional media when working digital, but going digital has many of it's own benefits too, like perfectly shaped stars and circles.

Thanks for your thoughts :)