Thursday, March 09, 2006


Working on a self portrait, and after scanning, I realized how much this neck needs to change. Great news from Society of Illustrator's Student competition - I've made a final cut with one of my pieces. Next is a final judging. Yay! How exciting.


Kristy said...

Nice start Ester.

What type of scanner do you use?

Ester said...

Thanks! I use an epson 9x12, and if I need to scan bigger images, I piece them together in Photoshop

Kristy said...

Thanks for the suggestion.

I also wanted to congratulate you on the illustration show down in gallery 100. I signed the guestbook, great show.

Ester said...

Wow. Kristy I'm so glad you went to our show! I actually took the guestbook home with me after we took the show down (ssshhhh...don't tell). I thought it would be inspirational to look through all the nice comments that everyone left. Thanks very much for supporting, I'm glad to hear from you!